The Plague By tod olson

This story is about a disease spread in France in 1348. Where a doctor, Master LaRoche, and his student, Christophe, seek to find the truth since the villagers blame the Jews for a disease that kills strong men As easily as it takes innocent children.

Christophe wanted to be a doctor but when he was studying, one day Christophe met a man on his way, a victim of the plague, he helped him and took him with Master LaRoche. After that Christophe and Master LaRoche began to look for a cure to avoid the death caused by the plague and that people stopped blaming the Jews.

“Master LaRoche opened the man’s shirt to give him air, and we gasped at the sight. Black spots covered his arms. His body appeared to be rotting like an apple. There were great swellings the size of lemons in his armpits.
Master LaRoche stood up and turned to me. His face was grim. "It is here, Christophe," he said.
"It?" I asked. "What is here?"
"The plague," he said. "Last month, you may remember, a trader came to town from Messina with a horrible tale. He claimed people there were dying like pigs.”


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