Theodore Roosevelt Created by: tyler nipper

Second Child of 4

Poor health and asthma attacks at night

Close to death from them

Dad thought he could beat asthma by being active

Interest in Zoology started when he was 7

Highly influenced by Father

Wouldn't take selfishness, cruelty, idleness, cowardness or lying

Homeschooled by tutors and parents

He was good at geography, history, biology, french, and german

Bad at math and classical language

Went to Harvard

Dad said “take care of your morals first, your health next, and finally your studies.”

Then went to Columbia

Dropped out of law school

Introduced the war by discussing the political and social climates of Great Britain and America. Took place at Lake Erie His first book published 1882 Wife dies two days after birth on February 14th Gets married again and has five children Becomes President of Board of the NYC police commotion
Would have been back of speaker of house if McKinley hadn’t won National Guard 1882 - 1886 Took him only a year to become commander and he stayed it until he resigned Formed the First US Volunteer Cavalry Regiment - Rough Riders The Battle of Kettle Hill was “best day of his life” Won the 1898 gubernatorial election by 1% Made sure to remain connected with middle-class political base Was originally asked to run for Vice President in 1900 but won the Presidential election.
Served his first term without Vice President He planned to adhere to McKinley's policies When he became president he shifted to a more populist direction by increasing anti-trust prosecutions He is in the top five greatest U.S. Presidents of all time. He passed the pure food and drug act. He worked on conservation of natural resources. Consumer protection plan Cooperate busting He issued 1081 executive orders. He vigorously defended the permanent acquisition of the Philippines in the 1900 election campaign.
Post - Presidency: Rooesevelt ultimately decided to stick to his 1904 pledge not to run for a third term Roosevelt disliked New York Governor Charles Evans Hughes as a presidential candidate. Roosevelt settled on his Secretary of War, William Howard Taft.
Roosevelt took an active interest in immigration. He had launched an extensive reorganization of the federal immigration depot at Ellis Island within months of assuming the presidency. "We must Americanize in every way, in speech, in political ideas and principles, and in their way of looking at relations between church and state. We welcome the German and the Irishman who becomes an American. We have no use for the German or Irishman who remains such... He must revere only our flag, not only must it come first, but no other flag should even come second."

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