Outrage By The Interrupters

Fight The Good Fight

2018 | Punk

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“Your eyes are glued, glued to the news. -- They say there's two sides, you better choose. -- A civil war they want you fighting for. -- The ones in power who always want more. -- They put a mask on to speak their minds. -- They need a veil to hide behind. -- The mob is howling like wolves trapped in a cage. -- This will go down in history as the age of outrage."


  • The band shared the stage with bands like Rancid, The Transplants, Devil's Brigade, and Left Alone starting out.
  • Aimee Allen met the Bivona brothers in 2009 when their band was opening forThe Dirty Heads & Sugar Ray.
  • Fight The Good Fight hit #141 on the Billboard 200 & #2 on the Independent Albums Chart.
  • The album was produced by Tim Armstrong of Rancid, Operation Ivy & The Transplants.


Luke Tatum

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Nick, who has really gotten me into the Interrupters throughout the year. Cool band with a cool message. What does this song make me think of? Why, the Wizard of Oz! "The ones in power who always want more; They put a mask on to speak their minds; They need a veil to hide behind; The mob is howling like wolves trapped in a cage." The whole "man behind the curtain" allegory has always been a powerful one, though my understanding of it has matured with time. You may have noticed that I am a bit obsessive when it comes to people in power putting others in harm's way without risking themselves. Ususally we're talking about foreign wars when this concept comes up, but it would apply equally to a manufactured war between the states. Or between the Reds and Blues. Or between races. Or whatever they might come up with.

Sherry Voluntary

"They say there's two sides, you better choose."

Oh the false dichotomies of The State. Of course politicians want you to pick a team and ride or die with them so that they can pretend to offer you choices. Problem is, those sides are a two headed beast that has one heart. A heart that beats the rhythm of violence as it pumps it's venom into the brains of the masses, and eats the ashes of destruction. This beast undermines you and your ability to take care of yourself and your family and community. It spews hateful lies, like your neighbors would harm you without them, and that we must have them in order for society to advance. This monster, big and scary as it is, is not invincible though, and can be defeated in the arena of the mind by logic and ideas. The war is long, and the battles numerous, but you and I have the tools needed to turn the tide towards real and complete freedom. "

Nicky P

Hot damn this song is cathartic.I'm not sure where this all started but I am 100% on board with Aimee's assessment that we're going to go down in history as the age of outrage. Long gone are the notions of live and let live. Now there seems to be a growing consensus that anyone, anywhere, living in a way you dislike is an act of aggression on your way of life. Neither the left or the right is any less bought in on this either. I think the left takes it to higher levels where it can get downright cannibalistic but both sides can no longer abide by anyone living a life they don't condone. From a libertarian perspective this is simply baffling. It's the very core of our beliefs. If it's not an active act of aggression then it's not my place to tell you what to do. It seems obvious that this was engineered socially but by what mechanism i couldn't say. It terrifies me to think of the world my daughter will grow up in.

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Nicky P