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(P)Young was the first African American Congressman in Georgia since Jefferson Long; Young was also the first African American Ambassador to the United Nations.
(S)In his early life before Young got into Civil Rights, he attended and graduated from Howard University in a time that not many black men went to school.
(S)Young worked to enhance the Voting rights act in his first year of Congress, as well as publicly criticizing the Nixon administration on Civil Rights issues. After being selected as our representative to the UN, he stepped down from Congress.
(P)He worked on voter registration drives and worked with Dr.King in the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC). Young was a pastor but stopped to become involved in the SCLC.
(P)King valued Young's work, trusting Young to oversee the SCLC when protests meant that King had to spend time behind bars.
(Q) In an interview between Andrew Young and Paul Steckler, Young recalls that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wasn't just a Civil Rights activist and was outspoken when giving his opinion about a political matter. "N----- you oughta stay in your place...and your place is acceptable if you're, you know, dealing with racial segregation. But when you began to talk about foreign policy, you don't have any rights."
(S) What sparked Young's love and passion for Civil Rights was getting more involved in his church and getting involved in the United Christian Youth Movement.
(S) He helped register thousands of southern, black voters by helping draw up the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.
(S)As the mayor of Atlanta, GA, Young reaffirmed the establishment of blacks in political power. He is still involved in Civil Rights through the founding of the Andrew Young Found in 2003.
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