Our World and What We Are Doing to it

As we move forward in life, we all leave our mark. Whether it's good or bad to our friend, Earth. Help our friend Earth daily by recycling. By recycling you can conserve our natural resources, because you can reuse them for many things. Recycled cans, for example, can be reused again and again. Your Dr. Pepper can you are drinking out of right now could've been a sprite can.

We use many resources a day. Oil, gas, water, metal, and many more! But, we also may abuse these resources. When we abuse water, we might be using it way too much by taking extra long showers, or doing many other things. There are renewable and nonrenewable resources. When they are nonrenewable it means they take forever to reform. renewable is just the opposite.

We also use energy everyday. We get it from many things. including fossil fuels, wind, atoms, water, etc.


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