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Do you know about the west ward Expansion well here are some facts about it colonists traveled to go to the West ,also they did not have any more land they owned, so colonists traveled there. Jefferson bought land from Napoleon ,and thats when the Louisiana Purchase started ,and colonists moved that way so they could live there. Now lets talk about Lewis and Clark. Lewis and clark went with Sacagewea she was a native American and was there guide . Through out the story you will learn about Louisiana Purchase , Lewis and Clark, Native Americans, Oregon Trail, Gold Rush, Transcontinental Railroad, The pony express, that is what the west ward expansion is.

Here is the Louisisana Purchase

The Louisiana Purchase

This is how the Louisiana Purchase started.

The east was getting very crowded and so Jefferson bought the Louisiana territory from France in 1803 for 15,000,000 dollars. Also, the United states doubled its size by purchasing the Louisiana territory.

This is A statue of Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark left in 1804 on they're expendition. Jefferson told Lewis to draw a detalled maps of the area's through which he traveled. Soon they meet Sacagewa on there expendition she was they're guide and she was a Native American. Men had with them examples of animals, and plants that most people haven't seen before. Exploers like Lewis and Clark carry supplies in their boats

This is a Native American back then

Native Americans

Native Americans are a big part of the west ward expansion and here is why, There was the trail of tears were Native Americans were kicked out of there homes and land, so they were forced to move by Andrew Jackson, now here is how it started. The Applachian Mountains were formed on the Western border of the United States. Settlers move west in search of land. The Cheroke Indians spread across parts of Georgia and American settlers claiming the Cheroke Indians territory. Once the Indians were forced to move they trudged through Georgia's country side. Sadly, many Native Americans died from the cold or diseses on the way. This was the Trail of Tears.


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