Stock Market Portfolio Math Project - Julia Vladimirovna Shchukina

My initial research project research : When we hear stock market we first think about investing. Stock markets is where stocks and bonds are bought and sold. The goal is to buy a share, hold it for a certain amount of time and sell the stock at a higher amount and make profit out of this. In reality it isn’t really hard to understand the functioning of a stock market. So when you buy a stock you become a shareholder. This means that you own a part of the company you bought the stock from. If the profit of the company increases you get a part of the profit. If the profit of the company falls then the price of your stock falls as well. So to gain money out of selling your stock you need to sell it on a day where the rate/price of the stock is high and if it is low then you will lose your money.

Everywhere we go we see Coke. From Times Square to a simple drug store. If we look at the statistics the Coke industry is working more than 100 years. If it has last so long I think that they also make a really big profit and by being an investor in their company/security I will also benefit a large profit. Moreover I am absolutely in love with Coke. There are two reasons why I took the decisions to invest into NIKE. First of all it is a company amongst casual clothing, professional sports clothing/gears and workout clothing/gears. Furthermore the second reason why I chose to invest in NIKE it is because I really like this brand and I believe that I will gain a lot by investing in it. I chose to invest in ,Rolls Royce, because the dividends/profit is pretty high. Although I also took a risk because the numbers/statistics are varying quite a lot. Also because this company is on business for quite a long time and they exist since a long time.

3rd stage reflection : Overall the best company that I had was Christian Dior. Since I had bought shares in the company they cost 14.03% more than what I had paid for them. I bought six shares for 154.30 € now they cost 176.25 €. I guess that this company is doing well because of the numerous fashion weeks. The worst company in which I invested was probably CVS. This is an awful company to invest, the company decreased 5.46%. I lost a lot of money. The second best company I invest in was Tobira Therapeutics; at first they weren’t giving me a lot of money, although he weren’t much either. Then they had a huge bump up. I bought seven shares for 38.57 $, I never regret this choice because the company’s cost went 6.79% up and the market value costs 265.16$. Another bad company to invest in is Nike, after they dropped 4.65% I took the decision to sell them. Before investing, I check how each company is doing, the shares et percent and the profit. If there is an upcoming, for example the coming out of the IPhone 7 then it will be a good decision to buy shares in Apple. Well I’ll be careful with the companies I invest in and I will invest in more companies to get a bigger outcome from it.

Final Reflection (paragraph 1) : During this project I have learned quite a lot of things. First of all that you can lose a lot of money really rapidly, although you can win it back if you invest in successful companies. Stock Markets are unpredictable and you have to be extremely careful with them, furthermore you always have to keep an eye on them because things can change pretty fast. Timing is super important because you need to know at what time you need to buy or to sell or trade. This project also taught me how a stock market worked in general and some important vocabulary. My final ranking is 25 (11-30-2016). I have to admit that I am not really good at choosing the companies I will invest into. Although I was pretty lucky when I got the idea to invest in Dior. At least I won 67.16 $ which is adding to the amount with which I have started 10,000$. In total I haven’t lost any money and I even won most, so I guess it isn’t that bad. If I could redo this project for sure I will choose other companies. I have lost a lot of money when I invested in foolish companies such a JVA coffee or NKE. Those wrong choices lead me to be ranked 40th. I would also spend more time on checking the companies rate and percentage. I would also try to invest more and take risks. The best companies in which I have invested in was Dior. They never were in the red, they never decreased. It made me win a lot of money, or just regain what I have lost from the previous loss. Tobira Therapeutics isn’t a bad company to invest in, I haven’t lost money with them although right now they aren’t decreasing or increasing. So I think it will be the right time to sell the shares. Coffee Holding Company was a horrible company to buy shares in, the worst thing is that I bought 20 shares. Coca Cola was just decreasing there is no hope for it to get back up again. I guess that beverages companies aren’t a good places to invest in because Coffee Holding Company and Coke are bought beverages companies.

Final Reflection (paragraph 2) : This is a paragraph about how the companies I invested have performed. Christian Dior is the best company i took the decision to invest. I had the greatest return, it was increase +18.92% up. I have bought the company just before the shows weeks. I guess this is why Dior got such increase . I have bought the shares around the end of October they costed 154.30 for 6 shares. Now for those 6 shares I get 183.50. Coca - Cola was such a roller coaster. It was just dramatic, only ups and downs. Investing in this company was a mistake because it only brought me decreasement. I think it might be because people understand that coke isn’t good for the health. I have paid for 10 shares the price of 42.43$ now they cost for the same amount 40.35$. I got a negative return for investing in them. I tried to sell it and win the best out of it although I didn’t sell it because I would have lost a huge amount of money. So I chose to wait and to see what happened although sadly it never really got up. Tobira Therapeutics is a good company to invest in. I have bought the company towards the end of september. We can see on the graph that they increased so much, the slope is so steep. I have bought 7 shares for the price of 38.57$. Since a little while the line doesn’t move at all they are zero changes. No for the same stocks it costs 42.03$. I think that they might have increased because they have released a new allergan product. The Coffee Holding Co. Incorporation is decreasing rapidly. Always losing money. I have bought the company in mid november, since then I only lost money. This company has decreased -9.24% down. I have bought 20 shares and it was a big mistake.


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