Any change will take T.P. (time and patience). Any new or old connections require time and patience. Listening takes time and patience. Communication requires time and patience. Teamwork requires time and patience. Trust requires time and patience. Leading requires time and patience. Creativity and innovation require time and patience.

The two things we often say we don't have is the same thing we need to achieve our organizational and personal goals. I love this quote, "don't be upset from the results you don't get, from the work you don't do. In other words, you have to put the work to get the results. It takes time to put in the work and patience to achieve the goal. Your first act of service: providing others time and granting others patience.

Created By
Ron Lewis


Created with images by Bernard Hermant - "untitled image" • Ben White - "untitled image" • Kiana Bosman - "International Business Day" • Gabriel Baranski - "On the beach we were all happy, and with this little model was no different"