Process journal BY Edoardo Villas MYP1

Homework recorder playing: I think the recorder playing at home went really good because every day I practiced and tried to do always better and before the video I played by myself. For the homework I performed Ode to joy written by Ludwing Van Beethoven. I am very proud of my self.
Lesson2: Today I did the score of Ode to joy written by Beethoven with the program of Musescore and I think I didn't do it really well because I had several difficulties on writing it and adding staves, I didn't know very well the commands.

Lesson3: In this lesson we did our music arrangement of Ode to joy composed by Beethoven on GarageBand and even in this task I had some difficulties because it is related to the score that I did on Musescore and, as I said before, I didn't do a good work. The day after I did a great work. I insert the saxophone and the double bass to play the notes of Ode to joy and an electronic drum as a base. I chose the saxophone because I always liked the saxophone and the double bass because it fit together with the saxophone. I chose the electronic drums because i think it had a really nice beat.

PowerPoint of percussion instruments: The first day we worked in group (Matteo, Rosanna, Anna, Elsa) and we decided what instruments we wanted to talk about. I chose the Piano and the Timpani. I chose the Piano because I was the expert since I play it and the timpani because it was a new instrument that I met. The plan was to research at home the information and put them together in a google document so everyone could seen it. After everybody wrote about their instrument and find an image related with that materials I write the PowerPoint for all the group, therefore Rosanna searched the different sounds of each instrument and Anna did the poster.

I could improve my listening skills by practicing the listening of instruments to recognize what instrument is playing. In the test the most questions I did wrong were about the knowledge of instruments. I could improve it by watching more interviews of the professional musicians because some questions were related to that.

I could improve my thinking skills by thinking more creatively on the PowerPoint and find interesting and active ways to explain my work. I think I was very good at collaborating and communicating my opinions, ideas and thought with my classmates. I could improve my organization skills because often I am disorganized and I leave my homework or projects to the last moment like I did with the percussion instruments one. I think I did a good job on research skills because I researched in various websites and I was academic honest.

Today we had the recorder playing group with alll the class: Mr.Mario got a section of the class where I was and said to us to play Ode to joy written by ludwing van Beethoven. I think I'd played well that lesson because at home every day I practiced 20 minutes.

Tobia Donadon peer evaluation: I think Tobia did a great job and worked very hard with his music arrangement. I liked the fact that he splitted the track that 2 instrument performed a part of the score and other played the rest. I think he should improve by adding a battery track so it could make it more original and interesting to play. Overall grade for me is 6\8.

The thing of this unit that I prefer was the music arrangement on Garageband because I could explore a new app, I make original beats and I listen how different instruments perform with the same score. What I disliked more about this unit was writing Ode to joy on Musescore because I was very confused and I couldn't do it how I wanted and desire. In this unit I was better as a thinker, reflective, communicator, risk-taker, inquirer and principled!


Final reflection: I think this unit was really good. Every performance lesson, evaluation or test I tried my best. I think this unit went really really well, it gave me the opportunity to know new instruments and new program to use in the future and I think it is the unit where I expressed my self in every situation. I am proud of my self!


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