The Final Product Well...the Current Final Product

Learning Objectives

1. Students will learn and be able to apply specific strategies to enhance academic success.

2. Students will learn and be able to apply habits of mind associated with high achievers.

Learning Outcomes

1. Be able to recognize fixed- and growth-mindset perspectives and use this awareness to foster a growth mindset.

2. Learn and explore multiple self-management strategies, including time management, personal wellness, financial literacy, campus resource utilization, and knowledge of academic policies.

3. Explore and test new strategies for learning and critical thinking.

4. Learn and test best practices for preparing for and taking exams.

5. Learn collaborative and interpersonal skills that will serve them in their academic and professional lives, including presentation skills, group learning techniques, professional interaction skills, utilization of campus resources, and teaching others.

6. Use increased awareness of their personal values to craft effective short- and long-term goals.

Cover to Cover

The Portfolio


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