Neptune By: Jacob dellinger

Neptune is the planet I researched.

Size comparison

The diameter of Neptune at its equator is roughly 30,775 miles (49,528 kilometers).

Planetary orbits

Neptune rotates every 16 hours and 165 years to revolve around the sun!


It is about 2,795,083,000 miles away from the sun.

the god neptune

The name came from the roman God Neptune which was the God of the seas.

infrared images of Neptune

The average temperature is about -326 degrees Fahrenheit.

4 Interesting Facts

Neptune's hazy atmosphere

1.Neptune's atmosphere is made mostly of hydrogen and helium. The other gas that makes up the atmosphere in Neptune is Methane.

2.Methane only makes up 2% of the atmosphere.

3.the middle section of the atmosphere is colder than the lower part the top layer is warmer than both lower layers.

storm clouds in it's surface

4. There is an Earth Sized storm on Neptune.


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