Viktor Nikiforov Wristband Munirah bint-allah


Create a Electronic Wristband with a switch using..

  1. Felt (any color)
  2. One sewable LED light
  3. Metal Thread
  4. One 3V coin battery

Intial Wristband Design

Modified Wristband Design

Wristband in Action

How it works

The wristband works by using metal thread to sow through a sewable LED light. The LED light has a negative and positive side. Once you've your thread through the "eye" of the needle you would sow the postive side of the LED to the postive side of the Battery holder. You will also repaet that with the negatuve sides. Once the LED and battery is sowed in put the 3V coun battery in the battery holder. Once thats in switch the on botoom and your Viktor Wristband will light up!


  1. Make sure the metal thread does not touch each other, if it does it will create a small circuit going in a loop and wont light up the LED.
  2. If you want to sow a patch over the battery make sure to use regualr thread and color is fine as long as its not the metal thread.

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