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Thomas Jefferson

Leadership Style

Thomas Jefferson had a west leadership style. He always researched and used data and knowledge to make decisions and was very smart. An example of him using knowledge to make decisions was when he read every book there was on Greek democracy before going to a meeting.

Greatest Accomplishments

His greatest accomplishment is becoming the first Democratic-Republican president, and having the first change in political power without violence. The previous president, Adams was a Federalist who ran against Jefferson who was a Democratic-Republican and Jefferson won, making a change in political power. Jefferson also played a big roll in writing the Declaration of Independence. Another thing that Jefferson did was he got the trade deal for the Louisiana purchase during his presidency.

Traits that helped him achieve his goals

He was very smart and was a good leader and was in government for quite a while, helping him secure the spot as president. He studied very hard and went to a very good school, due to him inheriting wealth from his father which made him very smart and worthy to become president and people trusted him to make good decisions which he did.

How effective was his leadership?

His leadership was very effective for the most part. He led his people, expanded the nation and created the some of the unspoken policies that we have today. He got is what is now almost half of our country. However he did make a couple of bad decisions. One. He went into the Barbary war which lost our nation a good deal of money. Two. He cut off trade with England in the Embargo act which once again lost us a bunch of money.

Barack Obama

Leadership style

Barack Obama had a south leadership style. He was very caring and listened to every ones ideas to make decisions and he created a government health care.

Greatest Accomplishments

His greatest accomplishment was becoming the first African-American president. America back in the time of Jefferson’s presidency, African-Americans were heavily discriminated against and were slaves. Although it is now illegal to have slaves African-Americans were still not treated as equals until Barack Obama became president to show that African-Americans were just as good as white people. Barack also created Obama care which was a great thing for America and one of Obama’s greatest accomplishments.

Traits that helped him achieve his goals

He was very smart and kind which helped win the people over, getting toward his goal of being the first African-American president. He went to Harvard, proving that he is smart and his combination of that and being kind allowed him to listen to others and see which ideas could be good and come up with his own ideas as well, like Obama care which saved people millions on health care.

How effective was his leadership?

Obama was also a very effective leader. He kept our nation in peace. He helped out other countries in times of crisis. He set up our nation for success in the future and helped get us out of some of the debt that was collected during the time of the great depression. He also got health care to those in need which also lowered the price of health care for others, it was Obama care.

Key similarities and differences

They were both the first to be a certain kind of president. They were both effective leaders. They were both smart. Obama was a little bit more of a big idea man than Jefferson. Jefferson wasn’t as nice as Obama. They were both presidents during very different times. They both served for two terms. They were both very intelligent me. They were both of a different race.

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