The Divine Performance Sarah Bernhardt Play

Spatial Experience: My initial reaction to the Constans Theatre was very pleasing. The seating arrangements that were all centered towards the stage, the setting of the stage with the beautiful purple windows and 1900s atmosphere to the props were very nice to see. When I entered the auditorium, I felt very elegant and realized that this theatre was a very intricate and exquisite. However, due to my untimely arrival, I was seated in the back of the auditorium, which somewhat hindered the full visual experience. If I had sat towards the front, the stage would have engrossed my visual standpoint. The size of the auditorium was a good size for student directed plays like this, it was a very modest yet elegant size. The spatial atmosphere in my opinion is one of the most important attributes to a good life, if one were to have treasures in a dingy and moldy box, the treasures would not seem too valuable. Likewise, I hope that my life is filled with wonderful and aesthetic spaces and atmospheres.

Social Experience: I attended the performance by myself and it was a very nice experience to be seated with strangers, yet from the same Good Life class, and watch the performance for our assignment. I could already tell that everyone was so intrigued throughout the performance as well as myself because of the thematic, visual, and auditory aspects. The reactions of the audience was very pleasing, although there could have been more response, the social atmosphere was a respectful and modest experience.

Cultural/Intellectual Experience: This play was written in the 1900s where it was the Progressive Era. It focused a lot on the working conditions of factory workers, the social oppression versus privilege, treatment of women and children, the advancement (or non-advancement) of ideologies, and the dominance and of the Church, the formation of Work Unions, and the sexual/immoral aspects of priests. This play has taught me so much about how life was like in the 1900s and how terrible it must have been for the women and children. It made me realize that I have made the same mistakes of being a shallow first-world citizen, not thinking twice about what even the most ordinary products came to be. It made me realize how thankful I should be for the things I have and in order to have a good life, one must always be wise in our expenditure and must always be compassionate to those who have little to offer.

Emotional Experience: I was so profoundly moved by all the great acting, the scenery of the stage, the huge plot twists, and the dynamic performances of all the actors and actresses. The themes that are presented in the play are society's damaged and dark aspects and theatre is the chance for a cathartic presentation. It really focused on the hurtful and bad aspects of life and it really moved me to see how inhumane our world is, but through this accurate portrayal of our past, how we can move forward and heal the damage done to our world. Theatre offers an exciting and thrilling illustration of some aspect in our lives that we could change, some aspect in our lives that we can reflect on. I thoroughly enjoyed the play and I hope that anyone who watches it enjoys and receives from it as much as I did.

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Moses Choi


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