A blast from the past (ft. The love story of my parents) By: stevie-Anne Bertram

I decided to use my parents honeymoon photos as my project. We are going to see them take a journey in the island of Jamaica and watch as their love flourished. I restored and edited these photos myself.
Here we have my father admiring the view of the beautiful island of Jamaica.
This is a photo my father took while gazing at his beautiful wife. The waterfall emphasizes my mothers beauty.
If this doesn't show the strong friendship my parents had, I don't know what will. These two goofballs decided to rock their newly style dread locks while in Jamaica. Pretty hilarious.
These are my two absolute favorite photos. I love how my were color coordinating these days. Their similar poses are so adorable. It really shows how their bond that they had.
As their trip came to an end, my mother decided to snap one last picture of her love before departing.

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