Kronk is a graphic artist. His areas of expertise include and are not limited to: illustration, graphic design, packaging, apparel design, typography, interior graphics and toy design. Kronk has extensive experience working with international and local clients on projects that range from small scale to global. Kronk strives to work closely with clients and their needs whilst creating unique and innovative offerings that will set them apart from the rest.


Kronk Studio is a semi-fictional studio based somewhere on earth and dedicated to exploring spirited creative solutions for clients, making beyond awesome products, and finding the perfect balance of logic, magic and coffee (or is that sleep?). This one-man-brand is the commercial home for graphic artist, Kris Hewitt, otherwise known as Kronk and has been known to feature mercenary misfits from time to time who possess skills that are, well... just not normal.

The studio has dealt with clients the world over including major soft drink brands, cellular network giants, global sportswear players and toy design gods through to heartfelt goodwill projects and small pro bono jobs for those truly in need. The studio strives to constantly have adventures of creativity with a conscience and find kick-ass ways to use graphic art and good ol' brainpower to push our clients' (and our) work into new, fun and exciting realms.





The most interesting apsect of Kronk's digital art is that much of what he creates is intended to live beyond the monitor screen. His works are printed as large posters, billboards, clothing, and even toy graphics. He is able to create digital art that can be viewed in the physical world on many different type of medium.


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