My Utopia By


Language: english and hawaiian will be the languages we speak . For those who have trouble speaking ither of these lanuages, they will be able to take classes to get better at speaking ethier english or hawaiian.If wanting to send a letter to someone, you can not send it through the mail, you must send it through email, and all emails have to be typed in english when dealing with a busniess. ( we still communicate via facetime call,email, texting and regular calling) . All phones, laptops, and tablets will be apple products.

Hawwian Lanuage

Mac book

iPhone 7's

Food supply

Food supply: Any food you can think of. we will have tablets in houses and restaurants, that you will type what you want and it will come ether from a tube on your table or show up in your microwave or oven in your house . our food supply will come from shipments from out of space, that gets sent from drones that live on a differnt planet. our main food in my society that we will be known for is all the fruit we have. In my society ice cream will be the top dessert that we eat. our poltry is based off of beef and chicken.

Exotic fruits

Wings and fries

Ice cream


Religion: Christianity. Everyone in my society will be required to be a christian. And will have to be required to go to church on wednesdays and sunday’s. If they can't make it to both they have to come to church at least one of the days. Jesus birthday will be celebrated on (decemebr 25) "christma"s and everyone must be at church on that sunday no matter whar. and resurrection day will be (Sunday april 16)" Easter" In my society you must be baptized by the age of 11.and kids must go to sunday school every sunday that they attend church until the age of 9.

The holy bibe


I Culture: In my society we will wear all modern day clothes and shoes. In all shopping stores clothes and shoes will come from the top fashion designers who have studied at a high tech fashion designing school. We will play all sports in my society , but the main focus will be basketball , football , volleyball and baseball. Everyone is required to play a sport at least for 2 years. When celebrating birthday's we go all out with our parties, espically when you turn 10,16,21,40 and 50. In my society we have a day called " chill day" and all students are out of school to have a day to do what ever they want and not have to worry about school. In school eveyone will be required to take math , science , and English those will be the standard classes in school. Sports will be the number one thing people do outside of work and school in my society.And with free time people go to the beach , movies or the mall and other fun places we have.


Technology: My society will have high tech technology. Fly cars and bikes, And will have transport systems that shoot u into the air through a tube and into another in the location you want to be in, in less than 3 seconds. Phones in my society will never die so you don't need chargers.

Flying car


Economics: In my society the government will decide on what jobs get what amount of money. We will have all types of jobs in my society from doctors to plumbers and chefs to fashion designers. People who have more important jobs such as a doctor will make more money than a plumber witch is less important.

Fashion designers work

A chefs cooking


Goverment: The type of government will be republic. And every 6 years there will be a new president. After the president there is the governor who is in charge of minor things that go on in my society. For all major crimes you will have to go to court. And for things such as murder you will be sentenced to life. By the age of 16 you must know how to drive and by the age of 20 you must have a job if you are not in school getting your education for a job.

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