The Butterfly Rainforest My Florida Museum of Natural history experience

Displays in the Rainforest

Nature On Display

What was particularly appealing to me when exploring the butterfly exhibit was the knowledge I learned about butterflies through various signs planted there. One fact I learned was that butterflies don't only drink nectar and sometimes eat decomposing animals for nutrition. Another fact I learned is the unique courtship ritual that butterflies go through before they mate. What caught my eyes about this exhibit was that although the signs were manmade, their coloring and placement blended in with the surroundings extremely well. They used mostly green and are placed within the various flora of the exhibit. So because of this realistic simulation, I was able to learn about butterflies by experiencing it hands on, rather than just through something such as a textbook. This experience became a lot more meaningful and I personally felt more involved as a result.

Preserving the Scenery

Nature and Ethics

The Butterfly Rainforest at The Florida Museum of Natural History did allow a very unique way to experience nature. The exhibit creates an environment that makes visitors feel as if they were a part of the ecosystem. Including the butterflies, it seems that any living organism there is not afraid to get close to any of the visitors. The fact that so many close up pictures all visitors are able to take shows that these living creatures feel secure in their habitat, even when guests visit. After exiting the rainforest, there are various exhibits that tries to promote the preservation of the butterflies and their habitats. The experience that the rainforest provides gives us more the reason to help.

Its not just all butterflies

Nature and the Human Spirit

Although it is refered to as the "Butterfly" Rainforest, the exhibit does not only have butterflies. If you think about it, a rainforest is known for the many distinct flora and fauna that inhabit it. It is amazing to see all of these various animals coexist with the butterflies themselves. Only through this coexistence can this fragile ecosystem be maintained. This particular majestic part of the world can also help us understand ourselves better. Just like how the ecosystem cannot survive without every little organism it holds, an individual cannot live through life just relying on him/herself. This correlation reminds us of this fact and helps us better appreciate this wonder of nature.

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