Kelli and Corey Get Married

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As fate would have it, Kelli Herrick met her future husband, Corey Biechele, while celebrating her birthday.

Kelli was immediately impressed — swept away by his dancing and karaoke skills — and flustered by the way his hand grazed her leg while they shared a cab home, a move she later recounted to a friend as “sexy.”

“Kelli and Corey have an incredible partnership."

“I guess this is one of those increasingly rare scenarios where two incredible, smart and kind people coincidentally cross paths and probably decided early on that they’d found their person,” Aaron Furmin, the man responsible for this initial introduction, said.

The two exchanged numbers, and a few weeks later, Kelli found the nerve to text Corey.

“Finally, an hour and 21 minutes after she sent her first text to Corey — and much more self-proclaimed overanalyzing on our parts — he confirmed her invite to River North for their first date by saying ‘Yeah, that sounds great,’” Kelli’s co-maid of honor, sorority sister and best friend, Erin Wendell said. “Kelli then called me so we could celebrate with a proper kitchen dance, which basically means we put on music and squealed and danced around our kitchens excitedly.”

Thus began an amazing, kind, loving, adventurous relationship.

“It’s clear they’ve developed a deep love and appreciation for sharing this journey together,” Aaron said. “It’s best summed up by an unprovoked and seemingly random text Corey sent me when they were about a year into the relationship: ‘Thank you for introducing me to such an incredible person.’”

Part of their compatibility comes from their personalities as individuals; Corey and Kelli are both kind-hearted, fun-loving, genuine people, according to their friends.

“Kelli and Corey have an incredible partnership,” their friend, Laura Sparks, said. “That has been true since the start of their relationship. They push each other to try new things, while sharing in the ups and downs of everyday life. They are very considerate of each other and constantly showing gratitude toward each other.

The two are compatible in a myriad of other ways — not the least of which is their love of food. Both Kelli and Corey enjoy cooking (Kelli often planning elaborate meals she’ll look forward to making all week), touring breweries or even attending state fairs to enjoy the greasy, fried cheese dishes there.

“Their biggest adventure together was probably when they went to the legendary Minnesota State Fair,” Kelli’s close friend, Natalie Heath, said. “They ate cheese curds, kettle corn, ice cream, sweet Maratha’s cookies, corn on the cob, fried pickles, corn dogs, and more…. Truthfully, it was probably not their biggest adventure, but Kelli loves the state fair and loved sharing her love of the fair and fair food with Corey.”

Beyond food, Kelli and Corey enjoy traveling, whether it be within their home state of Colorado, the United States or abroad (trips to Scandinavia and Japan were in the works when this article went to press).

But their biggest adventure together has not yet begun.

They work so well together, and I’m so glad they found each other."

On Nov. 5, 2016, Kelli met her friend, Jamie Lamers, for brunch, while Corey was supposedly otherwise occupied. Instead of brunch, however, Jamie led her to Corey, who was waiting with a bouquet of autumn-colored roses and easels plastered with pictures of the two of them. Near the spot where Kelli had originally asked for his number, Corey asked her to marry him.

“Kelli called me a little while later and jokingly asked me what her answer should be,” Natalie said. “She, of course, already said yes and sounded about as happy as I had ever heard her sound.”

“I am so glad to have been a part of their engagement story and their lives together,” Jamie said. “I have really loved seeing Kelli grow as an individual over the years and to see her become a wonderful partner for Corey. They work so well together, and I’m so glad they found each other.”

The adorable couple will marry in May of 2018 in an art gallery in Denver, Colorado.

Their friends wish them all the happiness in the world and know that their future together will be full of friends and family, new adventures and a plethora of delicious food.

They just need to “take the time to say good morning and goodnight every day,” Laura said.

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