The world's largest Wine Cellar in Moldova This Massive Underground City is Filled with Rare Wine...

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Hiding beneath the surface of a secluded section of Europe, a massive underground city exists with miles of tunnels filled with wine. Every “street” carries the name of a certain grape like Pinot or Cabernet Sauvignon. Visitors slowly drive cars or bikes through the maze, where normal traffic rules apply. Moldova’s Mileștii Mici proudly claims the title as the largest wine cellar in the world.

When an old limestone mine "retired" in the late 1960s, transforming its caverns into Mileștii Mici’s wine cellar made perfect sense. Temperatures in the subterranean space, which stretches about 150 miles, stays consistently in the 10 C, plus constant humidity creates ideal conditions for aging to perfection. Roughly half the space holds almost two million bottles, earning recognition from the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest wine collection in the world by number of bottles.

Wine tasting rooms...

Two million bottles! If you placed two million 750 ml wine bottles side by side, you'd have a row of bottles stretching for more than 480 kilometers!

Except the wine collection isn't even the most impressive thing about Mileștii Mici. The most impressive part is the enormous system of underground tunnels and rooms that the winemaker uses to store all two million bottles.

If you tried to visit the entire thing, you'd probably get lost, which is what tour guides will tell you happened to Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin when he wandered into the cellars in 1966. Apparently he stumbled out of the complex two days later with assistance from staff.

It's a pity that visitors don't get more time to wander around, because the cellars are full of these kinds of stories.

The Moldovan countryside is covered with vineyards, and wine making runs deep in the national culture. Though you wouldn't guess it based on the stock lists at your local wine store, Moldova makes pretty good wine.

Plenty of tour options start from capital Chişinău, or true aficionados can time their trip for the celebrations surrounding National Wine Day in October.

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The article was prepared by Travel Dream Club UK www.traveldreamclub.uk

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