Lead-free Fishing Lead fishing tackle should be banned for use, in order to protect the environment.

Tungsten: A dense, non-toxic, metal element used as an alternate material to lead fishing weights. Tungsten is much more heavier than lead, making a 1 ounce tungsten weight much smaller than a 1 ounce lead weight. The use of tungsten instead of lead will improve water quality and lifespan of aquatic species.

Tackle: Tools that are used to catch a fish, like hooks, weights, lures, bobbers and jigs. Most fishing tackle, ever since the early 1900’s has been made with lead. Even today lead tackle dominates the fishing industry with jigs, weights and lures but, new metals are being used in fishing tackle to replace toxic lead.

DNR: Department Of Natural Resources. It is the DNR’s job to promote non-lead fishing weights, and to enforce the laws if lead is banned. The DNR also completes multiple tests, surveys and investigations to prove the effects that lead have on the environment.

One of the biggest questions asked in the fishing world is whether lead tackle should be banned from all bodies of water within the United States. Lead is toxic, impacting the environment by killing birds, small mammals and fish populations. But, a major drawback plays a role in the decision which is the companies that make lead fishing weights, lures and hooks, would have to stop manufacturing tackle from cheap lead, and switch to expensive alternatives such as tungsten, steel and brass that are a big investment for fellow fisherman. Do we ban lead and deal with the cost? or allow the use of lead and continue to see the impact on the environment?

Lead jig head, used for fishing.

How can humans substitute the use of lead, without restricting people from fishing?


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