Good Life Tour of the Harn Marco Guarente

Design of the Museum

I choose the sculpture of the Seated Bodhisattva to be my introduction page of how the of the museum's design because I really enjoy how the room where the Buddha was displayed. The buddha is displaying in the center of room in a huge glass box. You can feel when you enter the room the importance of the art and sculture in that is display

Art and Core Values

The Road Worker by Diego Rivera (Mexican, 1886-1957) installs my core values because you can see a person doing work so for me my core value will be hard work. I as competitive athlete hard work is very important it makes you feel acomlish and pround after you achieve your goals, also make you feel the discipline to accomplish your dreams.

Art and the Good Life

The Good life theme of the for this art for me would be freedom if you can understand the art and see the meadow that goes and extend to the horizon with beautiful green colors. The theme adds to my understanding of freedom as big space for you, for you be yourself.

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist

The Moonlight porcelain by Fukumoto (1973) communicate to me in a way that everything has their angle, that not everything is equally the same, everything have its up and side down, everything has its layer and imperfection. It communicate to my that you could see everything in different ways. This art make me feel confuse.


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