Paying with your face a breakthrough system in face recognition technology

Face recognition has been used for decades but it is now advanced enough to be used to pay for things, much like paying with your phone.

The first facial recognition technology in the 1960s required the administrator to identify the main features of the face in order for the system to work. (source 2)
At the start of the 21st century, the emergence of social media allowed face recognition to be powered by photos taken by the account users.

Before paying with your face, there was paying with your phone. "A 2013 survey from financial services company TSYS found that just 6% of Americans valued being able to use their card or cash via a smartphone virtual wallet." (source 3) If consumers are skeptical about paying with their phones, it is safe to assume there will be some skepticism paying with your face.

In China, the technology used for paying with your face is taking off. "It is possible to transfer money through Alipay, a mobile payment app used by more than 120 million people in China, using only your face as credentials." (Source 1)

Much like paying with your phone, face recognition payment improves convenience for consumers. It is also an assured way that no one else can use your information, therefore improving the security of payments.

In addition to use for payment, facial recognition technology is improving security in China. It improves surveillance in buildings in order to catch criminals that might be out in the public (source 1)

Like much skepticism of new technology, facial recognition faces issues regarding the security of individuals. In this technological age, people are getting more worried about computers having an excess amount of information about them. Now, adding facial recognition into the mix impinges privacy more. In addition, faces are not permanent. The technology has to be able to be adjusted to the growing up and changing of individuals.

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