What's The Problem(s) By: Jack baker

Today, us youthful people are so entangled in our own personal issues that we sometimes forget to look at the bigger problems at hand. So many kids that stare into their bowl of Frosted Flakes every morning don't even think about the kids that can't. People are so worried about whether or not their best office buddy is going to be at work, that they don't think about the men and women who are worried about whether or not they will ever get a job. Many people see the world through their own eyes, which is normal. We are involved with ourselves, we care about #1. We care about Me Myself and I. But the normal way is RARELY the right way. We need to start thinking about the needy, the hungry, the hurt and wounded people who are suffering all around us. We need to open our eyes, open our minds, and more importantly our hearts.

Acknowledge the Problem.

World hunger. It's a serious problem in today's society. It's not just some crazy idea and old hippie is screaming at you from the street corner hot-dog stand, this is real. Millions of kids all around the world suffer from hunger, (Not the "Man I'm hungry, let's go to Mc. Donald's hungry. The kind of hungry you get sick and die from. Starvation.) they are either too poor to purchase it, or live in an area where that's not even an option. Children are often caught stealing food to keep their families fed. Which leads to a life on the streets for some, and a short life for others. America, China, Russia, the UK...these are major world powers that have the authority and place in the world to change this. If we cannot unite totally, in a complete sense and never fight again, then we should at least unite to help those in need. We should feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, and not worry about who they are. A homeless man on the street is just that, a man. He, just like you has made many mistakes in life. Does that mean we should shun him? Look the other way and try to ignore the man? Maybe hope that he goes away? I'm willing to bet you'd feel pretty shitty if you made a mistake, and all of a sudden NOBODY wanted to even look in your general direction. What if you crashed your car, and Nationwide wasn't by your side. You'd probably be really pissed at Nationwide, and think that they're bad people. Giving to the needy, and serving the hungry is something that everyone should strive to do. Whether you give a quarter to the old hippie so he can buy a hot-dog, or you start a campaign for donations to the food bank, start helping people. Start being compassionate.

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