Floral Teas for Spring

Now that we’ve turned our clocks ahead and adjusted to the bleary mornings, it’s time to fully embrace spring! The fruit trees are in blossom and the honey bees are busy. I’ve enjoyed the return of the sun and even got to re-pot some aloe this weekend. And while I should be doing my spring cleaning, instead I’m captivated by this cup of Emerald Princess Tea. So let’s procrastinate a little longer together. Here’s my floral tea picks for spring!

Start your spring day off right with Morning Sun. Say good-bye to your morning cup ‘o joe and caffeine. While it can wake you up, caffeine also contributes to anxiety and high blood pressure. Instead, try something soothing and supportive. This simple tea has three ingredients: alfalfa, peppermint and chamomile. Peppermint helps you stay alert without letting you crash in the afternoon. Chamomile calms without making you sleepy and may make that morning commute a little more bearable. Alfalfa may support your digestion helping you making the most of your breakfast. Together, they make for an easy morning brew.

This next tea should surprise no one. Emerald Princess is one of my all-time favorites! The base is Dragonwell, a Chinese green tea with a fresh brisk taste and a mild spinach-y flavor. Accent that with rose petals and lavender and you’ve got a tea as vibrant and verdant as the emerald city itself. Remember, green teas brew best at a lower temperature than most other teas. We generally recommend 175 degrees Fahrenheit.

Garden Herb takes you on a merry stroll down the garden path picking every herb from root to blossom. The first thing you’ll notice when brewing this tea is its pink hue. This comes from hibiscus flowers, which are high in vitamin C and have a bright tart taste. Sweet licorice root takes off the tart edge and pairs well with peppermint and spearmint. Rose petals and chamomile give the tea a cheery spring appearance, while the spring green alfalfa and catnip may have you taking a cat-nap in the grass.

Lastly is our Honey Flower tea……a bee’s delight! If you’re a fan of Rooibos, meet its cousin Honeybush tea. This tea comes from the Eastern Cape region of South Africa and is sweeter and milder than its more robust relative. Honeybush tea combines beautifully with chamomile flowers, which have their own honey flavor, and with the floral notes of lavender and rose. This is a great tea for winding down at the end of the day.

If you’re looking for something non-floral, I recommend the Spring Jade Oolong. This high-end oolong brews to a buttery smooth tea with green vegetal flavors. Like most oolongs, the tea leaves can be steeped multiple times resulting in a range of flavors with each cup.

With such a broad selection, I hope you can find a tea that brings in the new season with joy! In the meantime, I should probably get back to my spring cleaning. Maybe I’ll start with my tea cabinet.


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