Why the Sea is Salty Roxy Rodriguez


To give help or support (Parts of speech, Verb) the synonyms of assist is help. I assisted by giving the homeless some money.


Skilled at tricking others( Parts of speech, Adj) the synonyms of crafty is smooth. The man was crafty, by telling the lady that he will hold her bags but he was going to still them.


Something that causes suffering or difficulty; a condition that is hard to bear(Parts of speech, Noun) the synonyms of hardship is danger. The man with the baby was hardship.


To clearly explain( Parts of speech,Verb) the synonyms of demonstrate is test. The karate teacher demonstrated the kid how to do karate.


A feeling of unhappiness caused by wanting what someone else has; jealous(Parts of speech,Noun) the synonyms of envy is spite. The boy was envy because he had a small ice-cream and the girl had a big ice-cream.

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Roxy Rodriguez


Created with images by vieleineinerhuelle - "sunrise on the sea romantic mirroring" • fourbyfourblazer - "Giving" • onur hurgel - "TIRED" • aliciat89 - "Demonstrating"

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