Samson by AJ Martlock

Oppression- Philistines (40 years)

Repent- Manaoh and his wife offered a burnt offering and a grain offering

Judges Samson gave the philistines a riddle, He told the answer of the riddle to his wife. The Philistines the pressured his wife to tell them the answer. When she did they answered the riddle correct. To pay back his debts Samson killed 30 men and took there clothes to fulfill his debt. Samson wife was then gave to one of his friends. Samson got mad again and burned down the field with foxes. The Philistines reacted by burning the wife house down. Samson then was followed down to a cave by 3,00 men where the tried to capture him but he got a donkey jaw and killed 1,000 men. Samson was then tricked by a Philistines and told them his weakness. He then redeemed himself by killing a bunch of men.

Peace- 20 years

  • Characteristics
  • Brave- tore apart a lion
  • Clever- gave the philistines a clever riddle
  • Powerful- killed 30 men to pay back his debts
  • Anger Issues- lit the foxes on fire and sent them through the crops
  • Strong- killed a 1,000 men
  • Leader- held peace for 20 years
  • Funny- he killed those men with a donkey jaw bone because they we donkeys
  • Fool- Got his head shaved by Delilah
  • Loyal- pushed the temple down to keep his people in peace


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