Palm Sunday Around the World 2018 Christ is present in all of our hearts and churches; we prepare, Journey, and rejoice as a Global family

Holy Cross Parish in the Dandora Community of Nairobi, Kenya celebrates Palm Sunday under the guidance of Fr. Luke Muhindo, C.S.C.
Fr. Alfredo Ledezma, C.S.C., leads the Domingo de Ramos (Palm Sunday) procession for La Luz Parish community in Monterrey, Mexico, .
The parishioners of Our Lady of Guadalupe parish in Port-au-Prince, Haïti, are lead in the Palm Sunday celebration by the Provincial of Haiti, Fr. Eric Jasmin, C.S.C., in their new parish built and founded by Holy Cross. It is beautiful, and as you can see, so is this celebration. The members of our General Administration, the leaders of Holy Cross made their canonical visit this past week.
Holy Cross Parish in Bugembe (Jinja), Uganda celebrate with their local community, Fr. Vicent Mbusa, C.S.C., pastor, and the Universal Church as we all enter into Holy Week with the celebration of Palm Sunday.
In the Hill Tracks area of Bangladesh, the local community gathers with Fr. Dominic Sarkar, C.S.C., Bandarban Parish pastor, at St. Michael Chapel, located in the Bandarban parish, to pray and begin Holy Week with the Palm Sunday procession and Mass.
Parishioners of Parroquia El Señor de la Esperanza Parish in Canto Grande (Lima), Perú remember Christ journey into Jerusalem as they begin Holy Week with a blessing from Fr. José Luis Tineo, C.S.C., pastor.


Br. Paul Bednarczyk, C.S.C. (Haiti) Rev. Alfredo Ledezma, C.S.C. (Mexico) Rev. Jose Luis Tineo, C.S.C. (Peru) St. Monica's Parish (Santa Monica, CA) (Dandora) Rev. Vicent Mbusa, C.S.C. (Uganda) Rev. Dominic Sarkar, C.S.C. (Bangladesh)

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