Semana Santa las alfombras de aserrín, cascarones y la Pascua

Easter, and subsequently spring break (YAY! ) is upon us and with that comes the inevitable cultural topic of Semana Santa. Teaching in a public school, I tend to not go into too much detail when it comes to religion, as not to offend anyone, but it's pretty unavoidable when teaching about la Pascua. If you teach at a Catholic school, you may want to check out these fun adivinanzas religiosas.

Luckily, there are a few other traditions surrounding Semana Santa that keep it light, like las alfombras de aserrín and cascarones, or this website on Semana Santa para los niños with lots of fun kid centered activities as well as religious activities.

OR If you want to hop off the beaten path, here's an upper level preterite/ imperfect reading on Bad Bunny, latino hip hop artist extraordinaire! AND a quick video in Spanish about La Isla de Pascua y los Moai

Photos from Semana Santa in Salamanca, Spain 2013

I teach about Carnaval first using these videos, this project and this web quest on Carnaval in various Latin American countries. Here's a fun activity about el Vejigante de Ponce, Puerto Rico by Scholastic. Common Ground International also has a great free activity pack for Carnaval that I use.

Carnaval de Cañar, Ecuador photos by Shane Rose 2019

Next I teach about the alfombras de aserrín and have the students color their own. I love this beautiful, colorful, natural street art. I use my pinterest board to show even more photos of the alfombras in class. (In Mexico they also do this on el Día de los Muertos.)

Cañar, Ecuador photo by Shane Rose 2019

I also show them these videos on making cascarones (in Spanish) on making casarones by these adorable little girls (in English), and I offer extra credit to anyone who wants to bring them in! If your school has a copy machine with a hole punch you can use those to fill them with; instant free confetti!

Cascarones from last year.

Afterwards I use these 2 Prezis, this one is in English with Spanish vocab. for my lower levels, while this one is in Spanish for my upper levels. These are both full of videos and info and usually take about a class period to show.

Semana Santa Salamanca, España 2013

Finally I show these Spanish videos on Semana Santa and Pascua, they are the first 2 videos in the playlist. Here's the link for the whole youtube playlist.

I hope you get some use out of all this goodness! I certainly hate having to search for something last minute, so hopefully this is just what you asked the conejo de Pascua for!


Jeanine Motta and Shane Rose

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