Miners of the Gold Rush (1840's) Westward Expansion

I believe that the the Gold Rush was beneficial because people got rich and and population grew. Even if people didn't get rich they created and opened businesses to make money and make a living. Chinese men made China shops and Chinese restaurants to make money as well as many other individuals. The population grew very large from 400 in 1848 to 44,000 in 1850.

This photo is where one of the gold mines was, it shows men working to get gold

3 specific individuals who were part of the group was James Wilson Marshal who was a carpenter from New Jersey and he flaked gold in the American river. Another individual was John Stutter who was a bankrupt shopkeeper from Switzerland who fled America to avoid paying debt and to get rich. President James Polk was also another individual who sent gold samples to other men and families.

This photo shows a man scraping mud through trying to filter out the goldĀ 

Miners of the Gold Rush moved west because they were looking to mine gold and get rich.

This photo is a picture of just 4 of the many men who were involved in the Gold Rush.

Individuals who moved to the West to get rich were located in California because that is were all of the gold was.

This is a picture of one of the gold mines in California

The majority of the people who traveled to the west for gold were young men who were looking to get rich.

This is a painting of some men who were involved in the Gold Rus

Some miners of the Gold Rush took boats and some took wagons to get to California w which was really hard for them. They had to keep track of their food supplies, water supplies, men and ect. To survive. People traveled from Asia, South America, and Europe as well as all over the U.S. Out of all the groups and people who traveled to California to get gold, the Chinese were the largest group to travel overseas.

This is a photo of one of the men mining the gold with a pick ax


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