Operation Intake By: Stefan Roberts


  • During this project I will be comparing my data consumption report to Nielson's 2016 total audience report.
  • I will highlight consumption rates of specifically grouped audiences.
  • Then compare my data to what is demographically referenced.


I believe that when comparing data over my 5 day period there will be a difference in the platforms which I consume media compared to my specific demographic last year.


  • According to the Nielson Total Audience Report in 2016 there was a substantial increase in the digital uses of media, I just so happen to be apart of.
  • All of the mediums of media I used were of the digital variety: Live streaming, Internet, & Mobile
  • Facebook & Instagram are my most commonly used apps interchangeably.
  • I tend to use Live Streaming towards the beginning of the week than any other time at a longer duration than other medias.


According to Nielson the Black demographic's model regarding average time spent in an hour on different mediums is for the most part accurate. The use of a smartphone and desktop were in the top 3 of popular platforms of media consumption while they were almost my only platform of consumption.

When stumbling upon page 6 that's when I started running into inconsistencies of how I consume media compared to peers of my age and race. Where Live TV takes up 51% of the population's day I spend upwards to 60% on a mobile platform, since I'm on the go majority of the time.

Out of the 5 apps I used there was 26% chance more likely I would access Facebook, for a longer duration than my other options too. The app which I used about 15% of the time in a day would be GroupMe because it's more of a discussion based platform, on average I would spend 3 minutes on the app.


What I gained out of this study is followed below :

  • My hypothesis was proven to be correct from the aspect that out of the various forms of media over a 5 day period I only used 2.
  • Among my population demographically there was a rise in recent years of the use of digital media which is where I would fall under.
  • The most common app I'd access on my mobile device would be Facebook though Instagram closely follows.


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