The Harn Art in Life

Artist: Yvonne Jacquette, Midtown Composite, Woodcut

Medium of the Art

When i first saw this piece in person it caught my eye, the way the artist used simple black and white contrast to make the city almost burst to life. Even now as i look at the picture of this piece i don't get that same level of understanding that i had while i was there in person, with the picture right there in person i could almost see the lights of that big city as if i was there. This birds eye view of the "city with no outlines" made me feel curiosity and wonder at what could be out there in that city

Asian Art Exhibit; Design of the Museum

My favorite works of art are stonework and claywork so naturally i was drawn to this exhibit as soon as i saw it. The many statues and sculptures of people animals deities and other things are arranged in a very open space as to allow you to view them as a whole or to take them in individually, allowing ones mind to wander and imagine the history behind these pieces. Attached to this area was a beautiful Asia Native trees and plants giving off a peaceful vibrancy even though the sky was clouded.

Guerrilla Girls' Definition of a Hypocrite; Art and Core Values

I have for a very long time considered myself to be a Republican but not what most believe Republicans to be, i believe in reform but in a way that allows us to hold on to those core values that made America Great when we were so young. Even though i believed in reform i could and would never consider myself to be a liberal because of what the Guerilla Girls call hypocrites, those who wold claim they want reform to better society but are really only full of empty promises so they can push their own agendas along. When i see this piece i feel a comfort that eludes me when i watch the news, that is the comfort of knowing that someone out there can see what you see and will not fall for to propaganda thrown up by either side. It strengthens my resolve to make my own opinion about incidents and help to push forward what i hope is the truth behind incidents.

Artist: George Wesley Bellows; Jim Twadell's Place

Art and the Good Life

Art is all forms can be seen as certain aspects of what a Good Life is but this one in particular i believe to represent the working aspect of the Good Life. It shows a farm house where the owners may raise horses, cattle, and chickens or the could be farming for carrots, potatoes, and corn. The people are not afraid to go out and work the fields doing back breaking work in order to survive because they are content with that lifestyle. Working for a good life does not mean that you have to work a 9 to 5 job Monday through Friday as a desk jockey and it does not mean that you have to break your back everyday under the sun working a farm, this painting shows just one of many ways that someone can work towards a good life so long as they are happy doing the work.

Background photo found on Spark story search; Four photos taken my me

Created By
Tyler Cooper


Created with images by Tama66 - "cloister monastery courtyard"

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