Journey Log 5

Justin Wilcher-Skankhunt42


Journey log 5


Habits of Mind being used: Exploring

This week was very research based. I learned a lot through research and have gathered information like I never had before. Throughout high school English classes, research was always the top google sites found after typing in your subject to the search bar. I learned in class the importance of a source was credibility and information. With credibility, the author and publisher mean a lot. I have learned to dive into the author, background checking what the author has done with his or her career and accomplishments. If an article or book is published by a well-known academic source that also publishes textbooks, then I am able to use that source knowing fully that is credible and my research isn’t flawed. So after taking all this in it was time for the annotated bibliography. I explored into the online library trying to find anything about political villains, hoping to find anything to compare to Frank Underwood. I used many different approaches, exploring ways I could investigate the villainous characteristics of Mr. Underwood. I found a scholarly source mentioning the psychological approach, another one giving me a short bio about Huey Long, who I found many comparisons to Frank Underwood. I then dug deeper into the databases and managed to finally find an article ABOUT FRANK UNDERWOOD, not one just on House of Cards or generalizing a typical villain. This made me so happy when I found it. An article to actually have research on my Villain, a first. I used my five sources, background checking their credibility, summarizing their information, and planning out how I would use them in my research paper. I then ended up with my annotated bibliography I worked all week on.

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