Path to U.S. Citizen Lorraine Sun

Completed the U.S. Security screenings conducted. It includes the name, biographical information, where they came from, why they flee and whether the person qualifies as a refugee.
UNHCR refers person to the U.S. government.(1,conducts in-depth interview. 2,cross-check infer. 3, sends application to U.S. national Security agencies.)
National Security Agencies Screen Applicant.

The National Security Agencies includes National counterterrorism center, U.S. Department of Homeland Security and department of Justice.

National Scurity will check the past immigration violations, criminal violations, connections to"bad actors" , double-check background information.
Homeland Scurity will review the screening results after National Security check the information. It takes more steps: In-person interview, fingerprints collected, fingerprints run through databases. They makes the final decision on the national scurity.
If Security Screening clear, they will take the American culture class and medical screening.
If they pass the medical screening, they are going to matched with the U.S. volunteer agency.

And there are more additional security screening in the U.S.

The csecurity includes customs and border protection and transportation security administration.

Overall wait time: 2 years.

Once in the U.S. refugee eligible for Medicaid, U.S. permanent residency, and work.

After 1 year, they can get a green card, and after 5 years, refugees can become the U.S. citizens.

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