How to produce music? By: Deondre FLoyd-Bamberg 1A

What are the various careers that are aligned with music production and composition?

  • Producer
  • Recording Engineer/Mixer
  • Assistant Engineer
  • Studio Manager/Owner
  • Sound Technician
  • Audio Engineer for Videos
  • Live Sound Engineer

Which musical career interested me?

For a while I've taken interest in Music Producing and learning music theory to become a Producer in which they:

  • Supervise all aspects of a studio session which includes contracting sessions for clients and keeping track of the recording budget.
  • Help the artists select and create songs to be recorded.
  • Possess a large chunk of knowledge in music, like knowing the recording equipment, engineering, and acoustics.

What exactly did I do/ learn from the mentor work?

For months I have been learning and helping out in my music class learning how to compose and create music. Learning from class allowed me to create my very own music for the first time as my product brought ideas and methods to approach making music.

From this experience I learned about:

  • Harmony -(refers to the combination of notes played together and the relationship between a series of chords.)
  • Melody - (refers to the tune of a song or piece of music.)
  • Pitch- (Tone of a sound)
  • Rhythm- (How notes are positioned in a musical piece.)
  • Tempo- (Speed of the song)
  • Musical texture- (Various layers of melodies)
  • Timbre - (refers to the Brightness or the Dullness of a sound)

The process of creating music

What program/s did I use?

  • FL Studio
  • Sound Synthesizers like Nexus, Gladiator, Purity, and Electra X which all have a wide array and assortment of sounds.

The Process

  1. Find a tempo for the music
  2. Depict the mood/ tone of the song.
  3. Find sounds that correlate with the mood.
  4. Form many layers of melodies with different sounds.
  5. Compliment them with drums.
  6. Master the song to sound make it sound professional and even.
  7. Lastly, Name your musical piece!



Producing Music is not an easy task but the creativity behind it all allows that difficulty to be overlooked. I found it a challenge to piece together sounds that would create a good harmony and melody. With tips and guidance from peers and my mentor it has become just another hobby I may consider moving forward in my life with.

Thanks For your Time!

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