Famous Photographers Jorie cagle P7

My Famous Photographers Full name is Alfred Eisenstaedt. He was don on December 6th 1898 and passed away on August 24rd 1995.
The type of photography that Alfred takes is Candid Photojournalism. A tip he uses when taking pictures is to take pictures persistence rather then planning.
Alfred worked for Life Magazine. He used a m3 with 35mm lens and became famous for this. The camera was compact and worked with available light.
In World War 1 he got injuries in Both legs which allowed him to leave the war and become a photographer.
On a day in August of 1945 one of the people he had noticed was a sailor kissing their way through the crowed. He followed them long enough to see the sailor grab the woman who was wearing a white dress that brought out the color of the salons eyes. At that moment he took the picture.
The one thing I liked most about this photographer is that he docent plan to take his pictures. In my opinion think that when you don't plan to take a picture it turns out better then a picture that you planned to take.


Created with images by Tony Fischer Photography - ""Photojournalist of the Century"" • nan palmero - "Eduardo Kobra Street Art on the Highline NYC" • manhhai - "LIFE Magazine - July 2, 1965" • stux - "camera photo film" • Richard Elzey - "The Kiss" • manhhai - "Đấu xảo Quốc tế Paris 1889 - Tháp Eiffel do Gustave Eiffel xây dựng trong hai năm 1888-1889"

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