The World War 2 monument

The world war 2 monument was built in April 29,2004
American Battle Monuments Commission known as A.B.M.C established the world war 2 monument
Actor Tom Hanks,and President Gorge W. Bush were in Washington D.C for the dedication of the monument on May 29,2004
This is what the world war 2 monument looks like
It is on the oppisite end of the reflecting pool on 17th st NW
The world war 2 monument is to honor the fallen soldiers that fought in world war 2
The monument is very round and the pilers are very tall


Created with images by Glyn Lowe Photoworks. - "The World War II Memorial" • US Army Africa - "Veterans Day 2016 at the North Africa American Cemetery & Memorial" • Robzor - "wwii memorial dc" • Archives New Zealand - ""My departure from 1st Battalion", Egypt 1916" • Robzor - "wwii memorial dc"

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