Syrian Civil War By:lauren Sawyer

Pro (Left) and, Anti (Right) government protests in Syria.

Teenagers painted a revolutionary slogan at school on a wall. The kids were arrested and, tortured for this leading people in the city, Deraa, to protest. Security forces fired at the demonstrators killing several. This resulted in more taking to the streets in protest.

In 2011, many Syrians peacefully protested their government when they found it too authoritative. In response to this, Mr. Assad used violence. The communities attacked, defended themselves, thus creating the civil war. This showed how unsteady the country was. When Mr.Assad was elected he was supported by all military/security sources but, the larger part of the population was against him. This unstable balance became worse when Syrians from rural places moved into the cities in the country mainly because of a drought. Meanwhile Iran’s own troubles left an area for extremist groups to head into Syria. This got Syria into the fight for power between Iran and, Saudi Arabia.

Syrian has multiple groups fighting for land across the country.

Rebels' Allies:

The U.S gave Syrian rebels weapons to fight against the government at first but then continued to get rebels to fight against ISIS another enemy of the U.S. Iran joined the war because Syria has access to the Hezbollah, a group that has Regional influence countering Israel. Iran is also afraid of Israel’s nuclear weapons. Turkey helped rebels get shelter and, gave foreign recruits hoping to remove Mr.Assad from power. Turkey also wants Kurdish groups wiped out fearing that they will encourage Kurdish insurgents in their country.

Syria's Allies:

Russia was selling weapons and, providing diplomatic cover at the U.N for Syria from the start. This is because Syria is one of Russia’s last allies from the Soviet Union. Saudi Arabia supported the rebels in the war because they want to match Iran’s help of the Syrian government making it no longer that helpful. Saudi Arabia also wants a nicer government, unlike Mr. Assad.

The main parties in the conflict are, the loyal forces to the President Bashar al-Assad and, the people who are rebelling against him. Eventually more people took sides and, formed militias, local and foreign fighters. With the fundamental disagreement over whether Mr. Assad’s government should stay in power or not. There is also fighting involving Kurdish groups because they have started taking areas they see as Kurdish territory. The final conflict happening is with ISIS. ISIS is a jihadist group that has no allies in the war. The Syrian government is receiving support from Iran, Russia, Lebanese militant group Hezbollah. The people rebelling are backed by the United States and oil-rich Arab states like Saudi Arabia. All the countries have different goals in mind with this war but, still continue to fight it.

250,000 Syrians have died in the last 4 ½ years because of the protests in the country. There are rebels fighting the government, and groups like ISIS fighting everyone.

The UN reported war crimes being committed by all of the parties in the conflict. The UN ordered the end of Indiscriminate (Chemical) weapons in areas with a large population. This didn’t work though and, civilians continue to die by the thousands.

The conflict escalated into a civil war, causing 11 million people to be forced to flee their homes. People have fled the country and, are looking for refuge in other countries. This leaves countries that are supporting refugees with enormous bills to pay so these children can live there healthy.

The journey is so dangerous that many people have died migrating to other countries.

Over a million people have migrated into Germany alone.

Those who remain in Syria are in constant fear of an attack.
Comparisons of the country of Syria before the War and, after.

Syria has been fighting since 2011. Many other countries have poured in for multiple reasons of there own interest. This once beautiful country now has citizens fleeing and, worrying day and, night if they will be safe. It has citizens dying while trying to go about their normal lives. This war has gone on for 6 years now. One has to hope it won't go on for 6 more.

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