Gabon. By Joseph Borgschulte.

Gabon is located in Africa and is in three hemispheres known as Northern, Southern and Eastern hemispheres.

Physical characteristics.

Gaboon's capital city of Liberville are 0.8037°S, 11.6094°E.

The bordering countries of Gabon are Congo and Cameroon.

One of the largest physical features of this region is the Congo basin. Along with the Congo river which is just a little south of Gabon.

Gabon is in the tropical temperature zone. Which you can see in the picture below.


My country's population is considered small with a total population of about 1,672,597. The number of Gabonese per square mile is 16.3 which is considered not crouded.

Gabons growth rate is at 1.94 % as of 2014 which is considered a fast growth rate.

The country is mostly urban. There are more people leaving Gabon then entering due to the amount they are paid and the level of teaching.

Gabons largest cities consist of Liberville with a population of 703,904 people, Port-Gentil 136,462 ,Masuku 42,967, Oyem 30,870, Moanda, 39,298.

Economics. Gabon is a developing country.

This is because the necessary 99% population literacy rate only 89% he's met the necessary level. Not to mention the fact that the life expectancy is only 52 years which is 26 years under the average which is just one more reason why Gabon is a developing country. The last reason Gabon is a developing country is that there GDP per capita is at a low amount of $19,200 which is around ten thousand dollars under the necessary rate they need to be a developed country. This proves why Gabon is a developing country.


The main languages spoken in Gabon are, French, Fang, Myene, Nzebi, Bapounou, Eschira, Bandjabi. The main religions practiced in this country are, Christian, Animist, Muslim.

Some cultural characteristics of this country are the exploitation of goods throughout the country. Some of the things being exploited were forestry until mineral exploitation began in the 1960s. Some of the valauable woods exported from Gabon were ebony and kevazingo. Then in the 1970s petroleum became the main material of export.

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