Chorale Festival 21 December, 2017

合唱祭 2017.12.21

On Thursday 21 December, the combined 1-3 Grade students will join the Tokyo Seitoku University Junior High School in a combined schools chorale festival.12月21日木曜日、東京成徳大学中学校との合同合唱祭がありました。

The two songs they will sing are "Yui" and "3月9日".

Before the event, the students had been practising regularly, trying to improve their harmony, volume and fluency. 合唱祭に向けて、滑らかな歌声,大きな声量、素晴らしいハーモニーを響かせるため日々練習を重ねました。

Students were split into groups to work on accuracy. They received expert advice from teachers and improved their singing with every practice. さらなる磨きをかけるため、パートごとに分かれての練習もありました。音楽の先生からアドバイスもあり練習するごとに上手くなっていきました!

"I will be playing "Yui". With only a few more days until the performance, I'll be practising more than ever. I want to try not to make any mistakes. I'll do my best."


Using every space available to practice singing.


"I will be playing "3月9日". This song is the same part repeated many times. It is easier to play than "Yui", so I can memorize it faster. There are only a few more days until the performance, but I am making less mistakes now. I will do my best to play and sing well."


We've arrived! We're ready.会場に到着!準備バッチリ。
A "Good luck!!" message from our Vice Principal.教頭先生からの激励のお言葉
Rehearsal roomリハーサル室にてリハーサル部屋にて最後の調整

The first time on stage is usually the most frightening. ステージに初めて上がる時って一番緊張しますよね。

The conductor controlling the choir. 指揮者が合唱をまとめあげました。

Playing "Yui" without making a single mistake. 一つのミスもなく『結』を演奏しました。

Playing "3月9日" without making any mistakes.『3月9日』をノーミスで演奏しました。

We did it!! 優秀賞!!

やったね‼︎ 優秀賞‼︎

Well done! This year was a memorable experience. I'm sure next year will be just as rewarding.


Tokyo Seitoku University Fukaya Junior High School and the Tokyo Seitoku University Junior High School 3rd Grade students together for the last time. 最後、東京校の三年生と深谷校の生徒達が一緒に歌いました。

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