She is strong. By:Rori glinski

She wished for a new beginning says the early

morning sunrise.She didn't want to repeat

history says the history textbook hidden beneath

the notebook on top of the desk. She liked to look back

on the good memories to distract her from the

present says the many pictures on the bare wall.

She tries to focus on the good in life says the

encouraging quotes on the bare wall.

She wished to be more educated says the the college

flag hung on her wall. The girl is wishful of something

big says the two piggy banks next to the

cross on her dresser.She tries to relax when school stresses

her out says the pile of movies on top of the table

next to her textbooks. She can do anything as long as she

has God says the crosses scattered across her room.

She wanted to be someone else says the pile of makeup

next to the mirror she looks into and wonders if she is enough.

She longed to be somewhere else says the large world map on the wall.

She knows she is enough for God even though

she doubts it sometimes and that's enough for her.

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