GUCCI Social media marketing

It is a well-known fact that technologies have developed to a point that our lives without them are unimaginable. Social media is the best example of this dependency in which this society is hold. Social networks connect us with people, help us express ourselves and share ideas with others and discover new things and opportunities.

Now a days, social media is a new form of marketing which is used by companies to promote new products. Even though this way of advertising is used by many companies, each one follows a different strategy. When analyzing a company´s social media marketing we must consider many factors such as the market in which the company is operating, the target market, or the volume of their market. These factors influence a company when taking decisions and developing their social media.

One of the best markets in developing social media is the luxury market and in particular, fashion firms. A clear example of this is Chanel or Louis Vuitton that capture many people´s attention by their online campaigns and social media profiles. Their strategy is basically based in the use of microblogging with Twitter, content community programs such as Instagram or Facebook and by Folksonomy or tagging that is a way of making themselves be more present in social media platforms in order to catch new eyes. A particular thing not only about Chanel strategy but also about other fashion firm´s strategies is the thing about exclusiveness, this means that their main goal it is not to attract as many followers as possible, what they want is real interested people, potential customers that share the same values and views as the firm. This fact, is what differentiates Chanel forms others as what they follow is exclusiveness and luxury and that is reflected not only in the way they do business but also in the way the show themselves to the public.

The social media strategy we would implement to Gucci, that it is also a fashion-luxury brand, is very similar to Chanel´s strategy but with the difference that we want to be more present in the social media world. As we are conscious about the importance of Influencers that are the ones that set trends and inspire costumers, we want them to be actively participating with our brand. The way we want to do this is by creating a Gucci blog in which we will have our designers and directors posting content and we want to have special collaborations of influencers of each country talking about a new product and their experience with it, or about topics such as our fashion shows and other events. Also, as we are aware about the power of videos as they provide a more intuitive way of communicating and understanding people´s opinion, we want to share videos in YouTube in which we will post our new campaigns and fashion shows, and, as we will do with blogs, we will have special collaborations with bloggers, instagramers and fashion influencers that will show to the subscribers everything about our products and trends. We know that Gucci is a special and exclusive brand and we want to maintain those characteristics as its main values so, we are going to develop our media strategy by being present in many online platforms offering a lot of content by the eyes and mouth of non-expert and non-Gucci workers but maintain our essence and taste and by filtering each of the content that is going to be published by doing this we are going to offer a modern and close image of our firm but with and elegant look that it is made by creating a well-designed blog and YouTube channel caring about every detail.

With this strategy, we are focusing in the quantity assuming tht the quality of customers is going to stay the same. In other words, we will target the same market but we want to attract a larger volume of clients.

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