These drawing are focused on shared spacing, as well as adjacent spaces and lines. A blind contour line is a drawing done while not looking at the paper (the hand). A contour line is drawing an image by drawing lines that turn into a drawing. An upside down drawing would be an example because your not drawing the image your drawing lines to create the image (the horse and man).

The hand, the man and the horse

A negative and positive spaces drawing is a drawing were you draw some as the main focus of the picture and some as the background or in a black and white look.

The skateboarder

These are my hand drawings. I think I improved most on my values and blending. The hand on the left has no different shades and the contour lines do not match my hand. The hand on the right has many different positive and negative spaces and values.

Before (left) after (right)

I think my profile has had success with some values and movment. The hair seems to be like real hair because of the small spacing in the middle. I would say that this drawing does look like the guy that I drew.

My profile photo

The value in my stippling should probably be a little less dramatic and blend in a little more but other then that I think it looks good.


Personally I think the best two qualities in my still life are texture and space. The space inbetween the ribs really makes them pop and the texture on the ground (by the feet) makes it look more like a cloth rather then leaving it just one plain color.

Still life

I think the texture is very good in my scratchboard photo. The hair flows with the shape of the cat and gets thicker and thinner showing good values. It makes the hair look like if you touched it, there would be actually texture.


In my two point perspective there are two perspectives, or points, that the image flows too. The perspectives create 2 points were the image seems to get small and vanish, called vanishing points. There is also a horizon or middle area, where the image collides.

Two point perspective

The before ones placement and location of the eys and nose are okay but the mouth is bad. The size of the ears is also bad. The after one has good placement and location of nose eyes etc. and good size. The only thing I don't like is the right ear wasn't in the picture and makes it look a little lopsided.

Before (left) after (right)

I think the value is pretty good how it shows shadows and the lines are good. There was so much bright that I couldn't bring all of it out without making it look like nothing was there. I would probably try to lighten things if I had more time.

Ribbon drawing

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