New Sports in the Olympics The New events being added to the TOkyo 2020 olympics and what kilbourne students have to say about it

The International Olympic Committee has announced new sports that will be added to the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics. After a long delay due to the pandemic, many people are anticipating the event, especially given the new sports being added. Many of the new events will be included for the very first time, while a couple are making a come back, and all of them are drawing much attention to this year's games.

Surfing is planned to make its debut in the upcoming olympics for the first time ever. The surfing events will take place forty miles away from Tokyo, at Shidshita beach on Japan's pacific coast. There will be two competitions with twenty men and twenty women in each, and they will each use a four person heat structure, in which four ppeople will compete at a time, and the two best will move on to the next round. Scores will be determined by a panel of judges, who will base their decisions on the difficulty of moves.

Sport Climbing, or rock climbing, will be included for the first time, as the sport is estimated to be growing in popularity. The olympics will include both men and women's events, both with twenty competitors, and three different rock climbing events: speed climbing, bouldering, and lead climbing. Speed climbing includes two climbers racing up a fixed fifteen meter route, and is very quick and fast paced. Bouldering consists of climbers climbing up a four meter routes, referred to as problems, with no ropes or harness, and the climber with the lowest amount of attempts wins. Lastly, leading requires climbers to climb as high as possible within six minutes, and whoever is the highest wins.

Emma Hoeft, a student at Worthington Kilbourne who used to compete in rock climbing, expressed her excitement about the sport being added: "I am beyond excited for rock climbing to come to the Olympics. It's a sport that that is near and dear to may heart and I can't wait for the world to experience the sport that changed my life. I have always enjoyed going to competitions and watching them, so seeing such a large scaled event is amazing. Some of the members of the USA team are our age, and I think it will inspire people."

Skateboarding will be added to the 2020 Olympics for the first time, and will include two events: park and street. In the street event, which includes rails, curbs, benches, and walls, competitors show off skills and are judged based off of difficulty, height, speed, and originality of tricks. The park event includes a hollowed out course with many curves, and judges competitor's tricks based difficulty, originality, and execution. 

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics will see Karate for the first time, and include eighty athletes. It will include two types, kata, or forms, and kumite, or sparring. there will be both men and women's events for both types, and kumite will include three weight classes for each. Kata consists of athletes performing a series of movements, and they are then scored on a set criteria. Kumite on the other hand consists of two competitors sparring against one another.

Both baseball and softball will be returning to the olympics this year after being absent since the 2008 olympics. The sport was added back after the International Olympic Committee carried out the tradition of offering the host country a proposal for additional events. Given the sports rising popularity in Japan, the country proposed that it should be added back.

Claire Ogden, a Worthington Kilbourne softball palyer expressed why she is excited for the sport to return: "After playing the sport for so long, I cherish the value of the sport and am glad others may get to value it more now too. I am also excited to finally watch the sport on that level."

Many fans of the new sports are excited for the upcoming games, and many olympic fans are excited to learn more about the new events. The new events will likely draw many new viewers, many of them young people. The 2020 Tokyo Olympic games are set to start on Friday, July 23, 2021, so make sure to mark your calendar!


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