Food Preservation group 3


Sodium is a commonly used preservative known to man ever since the dark ages.

Its has been used for centuries in the preservation of meat, fish and other perishable products until today.

Sodium Preservatives

Sodium Benzoate

Composition: Composed of Sodium Hydroxide and Benzoic Acid

Function: Used as a preservative because of its anti-fungal properties

Process: Sodium benzoate works by entering the cells in the food and balancing its pH level, increasing the overall acidity of the food.

Sodium Nitrate

Tocino, Hotdogs, Bacon, Sausages

Composition: Composed of Oxygen, Nitrogen and Sodium

Function: Sodium nitrate possesses potent antimicrobial properties

Process: Spreading around cured meats such as bacon and lunch meats can prevent food poisoning caused by botulism and other types of bacteria. Adding sodium nitrate gives cured meats a deep red color.


Reactions between Metal and acids: SINGLE REPLACEMENT

Sodium is considered a Metal due to its "Light weight" it tends to react more to acids.

-Anti Microbial Properties

-Chemical Changes: Color and Odor


-Causes Cancer

-Alternate Industrial Uses

-Explosive in high temperatures

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