U.S. Constitution the 6 guiDING principles

The Deceleration of Independence was written from June to July 1776, it was then published and finalized July 4, 1776. this was designed by the second continental congress stating that the 13 American colonies stating that they where no longer under British rule and they where newly independent states.

POPULAR SOVEREIGNTY Preamble. "We the people". is an example of popular sovereignty. the government power comes from the states and all of the people in the states separately moderate which power and how much power the government has. the people paying taxes funds the government and people get granted power as well.

Limited Government

Limited Government is certain states and governments get certain laws not all states have the same laws, in Massachusetts you need to wear a helmet riding a motorcycle, in Rhode Island you do not. article one section 9 clause 8 and article 1 section 4 clause 5 of the Declaration are prime examples of how congress cant tax anything from imported states, and government only has the power that the constitution.

Separation of Powers

There are three branches that separate powers, the three are executive, legislature and judicial. article 1 section 2 clause 3 in the declaration and article 2 section 2 clause 1 both show how these branches are different and how each one has a specific job.


Federal Government and state Government share powers. This being stated, no state government will enter a treaty or war against again country individually it is a federal government decision. This is supported by article 1 section 10 clause 2 of the declaration.

Checks and Balances

Each branch of government has the power to overturn the other two, it can veto laws and bills. the house of representatives can also impeach the president, but the president can make treaties as long as it gets a two- third vote from the senate.this is stated in article 2 section 2 clause 2.

Representative Government

The president is the representative of the people. the president is elected for a term of four years, and then can run for four more after that, but then no longer. article 2 section 1 of the Declaration proves this to be true.

1) What are the first three words in the constitution?

2) Clarify one law that a state has that is different from a federal law

3) Who do you think has the most powers out of the three branches of federal government?

4) Why did federal and state laws become separate laws?

5) Do you believe impeachment is the right thing to do? what does the president need to do to be impeached.

6) Can you design a better election process? do you like the electoral college, do you not? explain.


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