Collaborative Event Stanislaus County Office of Education - Administrator induction

I have learned this year how to take a step back and allow others to take on tasks, managing without being a micro-manager. This tactic has helped our entire LD team to really grow in their own leadership styles and skills and has taught me how to be someone they feel they can trust and rely on for support when it’s needed.

- Amy, Class of 2017

I learned quickly to build relationships and to focus on the moral imperative

- Megan, Class of 2017

After each observation, we would debrief and identify glows and grows. Being a learner helped me to become a better leader with teachers.

- Salvador, Class of 2018

I was able to develop and improve my skills and abilities in supporting my teachers instructionally through lesson planning and demonstrations and providing feedback to improve instruction that is effective and increase student outcomes for all subgroups

- Chanthon, Class of 2017

During this past year there was no occasion on which we met during which she was anything other than completely focused on working her hardest to ensure the best outcomes for her students and staff

Pam, Lead Coach

My candidate "handled all of the comments and back and forth lobbying like that of a seasoned administrator -- always focusing on how challenging but worthwhile this work for students would be, and that he would be there to support their implementation and growth in order to equip them to being able to do this work"

- Zona, Lead Coach

Because I have listened and responded to their requests, we have a trusting and respectful relationship that is now moving to action items to make our site more informed of their students’ needs

- Janine, Class of 2018

The driving force behind the work we collaborated about was our vision and mission for our school and District

- Kristen, Class of 2017

He is not an administrator that is satisfied with the status quo. He has shown that he will be a change agent in making the school a safer place for students to learn and develop lasting relationships.

- Gary, Lead Coach

“Teachers really appreciated administrator presence in their classroom, not just in an evaluatory capacity…” My candidate “...grew this year by demonstrating she is interested in knowing her teachers and students. This support led to increased trust in relationships, which spilled out into all aspects of her work with her school community.”

- Stacey, Lead Coach

I regularly examine my performance, considering how my actions affect others and influence progress toward the goal of learning for all students. I also have coached staff to examine and address personal and institutional biases that are barriers to student learning.

- Jennie, Class of 2018

My candidate “has been very reflective in her work, both in written and in our verbal conversations. She is open, honest about challenges and successes, and always adjusting and thinking about ways to make her ideas and more importantly, classroom instruction, better and more focused on student needs and success.”

- Dede, Lead Coach

Stanislaus County Office of Education

Process to Clear Your Credential

  • Complete the required components of your Administrative Clear Credential Program and clear any payment balance
  • Make an appointment with one of our credential analysts
  • Bring your required paperwork and payment to your appointment


  • Complete your application
  • Acquire from your district a completed "Verification of Experience" C-41
  • The program will forward your recommendation directly to the credential analysts

Panel Interviews

  • Panel Leads will facilitate the interview process.
  • All candidates will respond to each question before moving on to next question
  • Candidates will be selected to answer the first questions and subsequent question will be first posed to the next
  • All coaches will annotate the interview and submit their reflections
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