the Texas revolution STeven and Tommie

Santa anna

  • He was an Mexican ruler

Stephen F. Austin

  • He brought 300 families and they were called the old 300 hundred

Colonel William Travis

  • He was the colonel of the alamoes

Sam Houston

  • He was named the Texas army

Chain of events

Mexican independence

  • Mexico became independent when they took there independence from span

Battle of Gonzales

  • The Mexicans tried to take Gonzales cannon and the Gonzales's flag said "come and take it"

Battle of the Alamo

  • The Alamo became a an important battle site in the Texas Revolution

The battle of Goliath

  • In April 21, 1836, while Mexican troops were resting, Houston's forces swarmed the camp

The battle of San Jacinto

  • Texas captured Sana Anna and from to sign a treaty giving Texas its independence
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