It's More Than a Community It's a Lifestyle

The Parke at Ocean Pines.

The Parke offers an active lifestyle with many amenities, including a large clubhouse with an exercise room and heated indoor pool, nature trails, a private lake with dock and a crabbing pier on Manklin Creek. We enjoy an active social calendar with fun activities, sanctioned club meetings and educational events.

In order to keep the monthly homeowners assessment fees reasonable, most of the activities at The Parke are managed by a network of talented and dedicated resident volunteers. In fact, from its founding, the strength of The Parke at Ocean Pines has always been rooted in the voluntary participation of its residents. In The Parke, volunteers play a vital role in the quality of life, from social and recreational activities to governance and beautification.

The Parke operations are managed by seven standing committees and a five-member Board of Directors.

The Parke residents bring diverse skills and talents that contribute to our Parke lifestyle. Meet some of our volunteers and learn about our committees.

Communications Advisory Committee

The Communications Advisory Committee advises and assists the Board of Directors in the sharing of all written and visual information regarding The Parke’s activities with community residents.

"I enjoy my work on the Communications Advisory Committee. I get to meet new people and do new things and feel like I'm making a difference."

Norman "Bud" Benton, Chair

Communications Advisory Committee

Budget and Finance Advisory Committee

The Budget and Finance Advisory Committee advises and assists the Board of Directors in providing prudent and effective guardianship of the community’s assets; and ongoing cost control/evaluation of planned expenses in order to meet the requirements of the Community Constitution and Bylaws, as well as continue to meet the needs and desires of the homeowners.

"When we moved here, we didn’t know anyone. I figured that getting involved was the best way to start meeting people, while also giving something back to this great community! It has been a fulfilling experience and I really feel a part of the community."

Susan Bosworth, Chair

Budget and Finance Advisory Committee

Covenants Committee

The Covenants Committee ensures compliance with the Governing Documents and fosters harmony within the community through reasoned and impartial adjudication of disputes within the community as they arise, including acting as a resident advocate.

"When I moved to the Parke I believed that joining committees was the quickest way to meet people! There were social opportunities to meet my neighbors but nothing is better than sitting around a table and working/resolving an issue together! I joined the Covenants Committee because I like being an advocate for our residents."

Donna McCracken, Chair

Covenants Committee

Design Review Committee

The primary purpose of the Design Review Committee is to establish and maintain environmental and architectural design standards for the entire Parke community.

"I quickly learned that belonging to a committee was the best way to understand how things are done and to make improvements around The Parke."

Margaret Giacoponello, Chair

Design Review Committee

Operations Advisory Committee

The Operations Advisory Committee assists the Board of Directors with on-site management including maintenance, contracting, capital improvements and management services.

"The best qualifications for volunteering are good common sense, an open mind and the desire to make the Parke the shining star of Ocean Pines."

Bob Windsor, Chair

Operations Advisory Committee

Nominating/Election Committee

The purpose of the Nominating/Election Committee is to recruit and nominate eligible candidates each year for open positions on the Board of Directors and conduct the annual election.

"I have noticed the wide range of talents and the overall success of the members of the Parke community. By volunteering and sharing your talents, you will enjoy making the Parke a community that you will be proud to call home."

James Ryan, Chair

Nominating/Election Committee

Programs Committee

This Committee advises and assists the Board in developing and conducting recreational and social activities that reflect the various interests within the community.

"I am most proud that my committee always interests volunteers. I also like that not everything we present interests everyone. My committee feels that whatever we present, however many people participate, we have reached some residents."

Susann Palamara, Chair

Programs Committee

The Parke lifestyle is dependent on people like you becoming involved and sharing your ideas and experience with the community.

There are many ways to get involved:

  • Sit in on a committee meeting. Schedules are on the website calendar and notices are sent from the office.
  • Reach out to a committee chairperson and inquire about the committee.
  • Review the committee brochures and sign up for a committee in the Mail Pavilion.
  • Obtain a Volunteer Questionnaire from the front desk so that someone can contact you and discuss opportunities.

The Parke at Ocean Pines is a wonderful place to call home. We invite you to share your vision and skills.

With your help........

It's More Than a Community. It's a Lifestyle.