Buddha tweets Amelia pelleirn

@QueenMaya Siddhartha was born! #baby #babyboy
@QueenMaya Siddhartha is getting older! Smarter everyday! #smarts #getting older
@Siddhartha I just saved a swan. #doinggreatthings
@KingSudhodana Siddhartha needs to get out more. He stays in way too much. #getout #nature #friends
@QueenMaya Conratulations @Siddhartha and @PrincessYosodhara on your marriage. #newlyweds #married #congrats
@QueenMaya Congrats Prince Siddhartha on winning the swordsmanship. #proud #congrats
@Siddharatha Thank you @Kingsudhodana for the two new houses! #Thanks #Loveyou
@Siddhartha I want to travel. I love my life as it is but I want to venture. #lovelife #changeitup
@Siddharatha Today I saw a very sick man and a dead one. My perspective of this world has changed very much. #perspective #change #sad
@QueenMaya Prince Siddhartha has been diagnosed with anorexia. #getwellsoon #Iloveyou
@Siddhartha Thank you to the woman who is making a difference. You gave me hope today just by offering a little food. #hope #difference #thankyou
@QueenMaya Prince Siddhartha became the Buddha. Congatulation! #Buddha #Congrats


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